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Creating the Ideal Short Term Rental Space

Today’s traveler expects vacation rental properties to have all the conveniences of home. Many travelers are looking for the ultimate escape and seek homes with resort amenities or features above and beyond their own living accommodations.  Homes stocked with quality items make guests feel pampered and contribute to a better overall experience. No surprise that…

05/29/2022 | by nicole dawn reiber | | Blog

Why the Short Term Rental Industry is Good for Communities

Across the United States, local and state governments are exploring ways to micromanage the short term rental (STR) industry. The controls they seek come in the form of additional fees and taxes for STR properties, limiting the number of STRs in a given area or banning STRs altogether. Home Owner Associations (HOA) are also expressing…

03/30/2022 | by nicole dawn reiber | | Blog

We Upgraded Our Technology

  Our guests’ safety and security is our number one priority. We also want our owners to feel comfortable with how we safeguard their investments and protect guests. While most short term renters treat our homes as they do their own, there is the occasional guest who violates our NO party, event or large group…

12/21/2021 | by nicole dawn reiber | | Blog

AVHR Winter Newsletter 2021-2022

  AVHR Winter Newsletter 2021 Second edition Welcome! This quarterly newsletter will give you the scoop on Arizona Vacation Home Rental’s newest homes and winter activities in the greater Phoenix area. In addition, look for the following: guest discounts weather overview travel tips what you need to know about pool heating  links to help you find more information …

11/12/2021 | by nicole dawn reiber | | Blog

All Abuzz With Arizona Hummingbirds

The smallest bird you’ll observe zipping around or hovering within gardens and parks in the Sonoran Desert is the hummingbird. Southeastern Arizona hosts more than a dozen species of hummers as year round residents, seasonal visitors or accidental tourists during migration. Their wing speed of 80 beats or more per second is remarkable which, along…

09/15/2021 | by nicole dawn reiber | | Blog

The Legend of Diamond Spirit Ranch

Diamond Spirit Ranch celebrates the life of Diamond, a gentle, courageous and much loved horse. Of the many animals in the animal kingdom, few compare to the horse with its strength, grace and nobility. Horses often symbolize freedom, invite wild imaginations and manifest power of mind and spirit. Yet when we gaze across a pasture…

07/30/2021 | by nicole dawn reiber | | Blog

Make Money Renting Your Home

If you rent vacation homes you have possibly wondered about the advantages to owning one or even several. You can easily transition from renter to owner and there are many convincing reasons for doing this. There’s also important information to know in advance of making the decision to convert your property or invest in a…

02/15/2021 | by nicole dawn reiber | | Blog

Behold Our Beautiful Cactus!

By providing links to other sites, AVHR does not guarantee, approve, or endorse information or products available on these sites.   Do not dismiss the desert as dusty and barren. The Sonoran Desert is lush with bold and barbed cacti, colorful and fiercely armed to protect the species as well as the water they hold in reserve. While…

02/10/2021 | by nicole dawn reiber | | Blog

Let’s Hit the Trails

By providing links to other sites, AVHR does not guarantee, approve, or endorse information or products available on these sites. The greater Phoenix area which includes the East Valley is the shangri la for golfers with public and private courses at every turn. We’re also a paradise for the avid or casual hiker, biker* or horseback…

12/12/2020 | by nicole dawn reiber | | Blog

Calling ALL Golfers!

My golfing experience is limited to miniature golf, called putt-putt by some. Yup, that’s it! You might think I shouldn’t write this blog but I’m writing it anyway because, despite my lack of golfing experience, here’s what I do know: Mesa is the shangri-la for golfers! With our almost perfect weather, blue skies and mountain…

11/15/2020 | by nicole dawn reiber | | Blog
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