1. The vacation rental market is a local business and is best run by a local team, not managed by calling a distant location such as Austin or another country. 


2. Teams of local people who live in the area have detailed knowledge of communities that are safe and HOAs that are friendly to owners and guests of short term rentals. 

  • AVHR has 14 years of experience and prepared hundreds of homes to be ready for the short term rental market. We can recommend locations and styles of homes that will maximize your returns. Prior to your purchase we will walk your home and provide you with a detailed list of exactly what you need to be ready for guests as well as a financial estimate of your costs.


3. Local teams understand the local market and will guide you with pricing and advertising to augment the profit on your home.

  • AVHR has expertise in all areas of marketing a home. We also have a customized Owners Choice approach that gives owners a voice in all decisions. When you talk, we listen!


4. Local management teams provide 24/7 personalized support for owners and guests.

  • AVHR has detailed knowledge of their rental properties and often problem solves over the phone for electrical, plumbing and pool control problems. This greatly speeds up the resolution process and saves money. 
  • Guests may request specific items at the last minute. AVHR delivers guests’ requests such as Pack ‘N Plays and unique kitchen gadgets 365 days. This makes for happy guests who are able to enjoy their vacation with little interruption.


5. Local teams have personal knowledge and experience with community maintenance and service companies and can best advise owners in terms of quality and price for reparations and remodels.

  • The AVHR team members are home owners, have knowledge of local vendors and know how to get things fixed quickly and at the lowest cost.



6. Local teams provide wellness checks on homes.  

  • AVHR makes frequent in-person wellness and safety checks on all homes, occupied or empty, to safeguard your investment.


7. When alerted by security systems, local teams go to your home to handle emergencies or guest concerns.

  • AVHR responds immediately and in person to all alerts from security cameras and safety monitors, as well as all emergencies.


8. Local teams are weather aware and advise guests on safety precautions or property care to prevent weather-related damage.

  • AVHR sends emails and texts and makes phone calls to guests to warn of last minute storms or weather related hazards. We then check homes in person after storms or concerning weather events.


9. Local property management companies know regional laws and requirements.

  • AVHR stays up-to-date on all state and local laws, restrictions and policies in the municipalities we cover. We help you adhere to the applicable restrictions and avoid the consequences of non-compliance.


10. Local teams have personal knowledge of nearby attractions, events and services to recommend when guests ask.

  • AVHR team members and their families live in the area and use first hand experiences to answer guests’ questions.




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