Our guests’ safety and security is our number one priority. We also want our owners to feel comfortable with how we safeguard their investments and protect guests. While most short term renters treat our homes as they do their own, there is the occasional guest who violates our NO party, event or large group policy. A party can be devastating: neighbors are annoyed, the police are called and HOAs impose owner fines or pass covenants that restrict short term rentals within the community. Damage from a party can be extensive: insurance and other claims rarely cover all expenses.

Arizona Vacation Home Rentals (AVHR) is taking steps to improve the overall guest, neighbor and owner experience by increasing the smart technology at our homes. The installed security devices add another layer of protection and ultimately reduce incidents which result in rental violations, unwarranted damage to property and annoyed neighbors. We have also upgraded our guest screening process and we continue to make in-person checks on our homes whether they are occupied or empty.


Security Cameras

Guest privacy is critical and installing camera and surveillance devices inside of vacation homes is illegal. Exterior cameras are legal; however, disclosure of any cameras on a property is required by many online travel agencies such as Airbnb and VRBO.

Arizona Vacation Home Rentals has added cameras to the exteriors of many of our homes. The cameras face the street and provide a clear view of the entire driveway both day and night. The audio capability of the cameras is off: we do not record conversations or sounds. The cameras are monitored to ensure guests are not having parties or groups larger than authorized in the rental agreement. They enhance guest safety by catching break-ins and and identifying suspicious activities. In case of incidents, the cameras have playback capabilities which protect guests against unwarranted claims by an HOA and other conflicts of interest.




To keep neighbors happy and prevent incidents we have added NoiseAware to our homes. Two or three of these small units have been placed both inside and out at all of our homes. NoiseAware does not detect or record any sounds or conversations. Instead, the units measure noise levels in decibels and, based on preset noise levels, alert guests when there is excessive noise at a home. If guests do not respond and reduce the noise Arizona Vacation Home Rentals is notified. NoiseAware is another use of technology to guard against unfair accusations by HOAs or neighbors.


Remote Locks

Remote locks have been added to improve security and facilitate both keyless and contactless entry into our vacation homes. The locks are integrated with our reservation system: guests will receive a unique code that allows entry for the duration of their reservation. Problems with lost keys, duplication of keys or guests being locked out are avoided. The codes are modified remotely between guests to give future guests peace of mind in knowing the home is secure.


Guest Screening

AVHR recently upgraded our digital guest screening process to include extensive evaluations of potential guests before they book a property. The process is designed to mitigate risks associated with illegal activities, non-payment, property damage and more.

The AVHR team also talks to all potential guests to confirm their understanding of house rules, the rental agreement and any unique situations with amenities. This step reduces misunderstandings and disappointment among guests and is another way we actively protect short term rental properties.


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are familiar technology that protect guests and homes. In some houses the alarms are wired to the home’s electrical circuit and connected to the other detectors in the home. When any unit detects smoke or carbon monoxide, the alarm activates a sound simultaneously throughout the home. Should the home lose electricity they default to battery power.

Some homes utilize battery powered smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. The units function individually, detecting dangerous smoke or carbon monoxide levels and emitting an alarm to notify the people in the home. Many of our vacation homes have both electrically wired and battery powered smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.




The Bottom Line

Arizona Vacation Home Rentals wants to deliver an optimal experience for our guests and owners. We know travelers rely on technology to plan and book time away with the expectation that travel agencies stay current on best practices. With our new smart home tech and security solutions travelers can be reassured the vacation property they choose for relaxing or working is safe and secure. Owners’ confidence and peace of mind will grow knowing we have upped our security game to protect their investments and guests.



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