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Owner Comments

It's not often that one comes across a property management company that truly goes above and beyond in every aspect of their service. Our partnership with Arizona Vacation Home Rentals, LLC has been an absolute game-changer for our luxury vacation property. As property owners who are deeply committed to providing an unparalleled experience for our guests, we were meticulously selective in choosing a management company that mirrored our passion for excellence. From day one, Arizona Vacation Home Rentals, LLC has not only met but exceeded our highest expectations.

From the moment we engaged in their services, their dedication to maintaining the pristine condition of our property has been evident. Their attention to detail is second to none – our home has never looked better. The housekeeping team's meticulous approach ensures that every guest arrives to a spotless, inviting environment that truly showcases the luxury our property promises. Walking through the doors feels like entering a haven of comfort and opulence.

What truly sets Arizona Vacation Home Rentals, LLC apart is their unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction. Our guests' happiness is paramount to us, and the team at Arizona Vacation Home Rentals, LLC shares that sentiment. They've not only managed to keep our guests consistently content, but they've also gone the extra mile to turn one-time visitors into loyal patrons. The personalized service, thoughtful amenities, and seamless booking process they provide have elevated the entire guest experience, leading to glowing reviews and repeat visits.

One of the most impressive aspects of their service is their comprehensive handling of administrative tasks. Navigating the complex landscape of taxes, fees, and local regulations can be overwhelming, but Arizona Vacation Home Rentals, LLC has shouldered this responsibility effortlessly. Their expertise in managing the intricacies of taxes and fees required by local governments has provided us with a stress-free experience, allowing us to focus on what matters most – delivering an exceptional stay for our guests.

Furthermore, the open line of communication they maintain with us, the property owners, is truly commendable. We're always kept in the loop about any maintenance issues or necessary updates, and their swift response to inquiries or concerns has fostered a sense of trust and partnership that is invaluable to us.

In conclusion, Arizona Vacation Home Rentals, LLC has not only proven to be an exceptional property management company but also an invaluable collaborator in realizing our vision for a luxury vacation experience. Their commitment to maintaining our property's immaculate condition, their dedication to guest satisfaction, and their expertise in managing administrative responsibilities have surpassed all expectations. If you're a property owner seeking a management partner that shares your passion for excellence, look no further – Arizona Vacation Home Rentals, LLC is the epitome of luxury property management.

By: R.G. Luxury Property Owner, PLUGGN, LLC

I have been using the services provided by Arizona Vacation Home Rentals (AVHR) since 2012 and I highly recommend them. I previously managed my own rentals and was skeptical that a management company would be worth the cost. I feel that my properties are performing far better because AVHR are managing them. My net rental income is greater, even after all management fees are paid then if I managed the properties myself.

They have very high standards for the properties they manage. The guidance they have provided has help my husband and I do improvements to our properties to insure they are worthy of 5 star reviews.

AVHR takes the worry out of short term renting. Bookings are all handled by them as well as any issues with the guests. As someone who lives out of state it would be very difficult to manage from afar. If something goes wrong I am kept up to date but the issue is usually handled by AVHR with me authorizing them to take care of it.

Their knowledge of the short term rental market is exceptional and they are always implementing new ideas as the market changes. AVHR is a trustworthy and professional company that continually exceeds my expectations.

By: Pamela D. - British Columbia

I have stayed at many vacation rental properties over the years with varying experiences. Then, I booked one with AVHR. I was very impressed with the professionalism, friendliness, and ease of my stay. When I decided to purchase my own vacation rental, I wanted someone local with experience who I could trust. It was not even a question of what management company to use. I wanted my guests to have the same positive experience that I did.

Before I even purchased a property, I talked with Paul and got his advice about what to look for, and what makes the best vacation home. After I got the home, AVHR was very helpful with a walkthrough and checklist of what I needed in the home to meet the needs of my guests.

My property is now up and running, and I could not be happier with the management of Paul and the team at AVHR! They are great with communication, optimizing bookings, and giving me peace of mind that my guests, and my house, are being taken care of!

By: Nancy B. Camas - Washington

Arizona Vacation Home Rentals has been advertising our properties since 2011. From the very first month we knew and trusted that Arizona Vacation Home Rentals would handle our properties professionally so we began to look for addition properties to purchase. Arizona Vacation Home Rentals offered excellent advice on property locations and amenities that would ensure high value rentals. We now have 3 properties and have never had to worry about any issues with our properties. Arizona Vacation Home Rentals is very proactive and makes sure that our properties are always in 5-star rental shape so we receive great 5 star reviews. Our properties are rarely vacant and advertising on Arizona Vacation Home Rentals’ site has ensured that we maximize our rental income year after year.

Arizona Vacation Home Rentals has excellent service providers, landscapers, handyman and electronics trouble shooters to ensure that any issues that arise can be dealt with in a prompt and professional manner. We would definitely recommend Arizona Vacation Home Rentals as a full service property rental marketing company that can maximize your profits and provide peace of mind.

By: Keith P. - British Columbia

Our experience with AZ Vacation Home Rentals started as customers.We have rented properties from them for several years at different homes.We knew right away that we were in good hands.Their homes were well taken care of, decorated beautifully and management from a customer’s point of view was flawless.So naturally when we decided to purchase a rental property, they were the only management company we could possibly fathom to trust with our home.

Turns out, we made the right decision!

Paul and his staff have created a well-oiled machine.They are professional, thorough, helpful in guiding through all the processes, very friendly and always available no matter what the question or concern may be.They have a go-to team of contractors, handymen and maintenance crew that has proved to be reliable and trustworthy.

AZ Vacation Home Rentals is continuously looking ahead to see what other benefits, enhancements and upgrades that they can offer their clients, which in turn makes the “guest experience” just that much better.

It is a comforting feeling knowing that our home is in their hands.We look forward to many years of continued success with AZ Vacation Home Rental.

By: Terry & Susan - Chicago, Illinois

I consider Arizona Vacation Home Rentals to be a partner and more of a consulting firm rather than just a short-term rental management company. From the very beginning, they gave me useful advice on how to set up my property for maximum returns. When I got a normal house that I wanted to convert into a vacation rental, they took the time to walk through the property with me many times in person, as well as do zoom updates at critical junctures of the renovation. They will make sure you’ve got the cost-effective items/features that sell well and prevent you from wasting your money on things the guests won’t notice or appreciate. They really helped me see what it takes to make a property attractive and lucrative in a concrete, no-nonsense kind of way.

They are at the top of the game in terms of keeping their properties occupied at the maximum possible rate regardless of the season. Through smart strategies, they manage to get mine rented at higher rates than comparable homes in the area. I’m actually sometimes surprised that my properties are occupied over local competition that have more to offer than my houses and are asking for lower rates. One absolutely critical factor is the quality and reliability of their cleaning teams. This is the first impression the guests receive when they walk through the front door, and we have never ever had any complaints about the cleanliness of my properties. Also, we have never had to cancel or delay a booking due to a botched turn, even on same-day turnarounds where the departing guests were less than stellar and left a mess.

All in all, I feel that I’m in good hands and they will be able to navigate through the changes in regulations as the short-term rental scene evolves in the Phoenix metroplex. In the past few years, there has been a huge influx of newcomers who have set up vacation rentals in the valley so the market is reaching a certain level of saturation and things aren’t as easy as they were in the past. So if you want to stay ahead in the game and make your properties financially profitable, Arizona Vacation Home Rentals is definitely the one to go with.

By: Al G. - Scottsdale, Arizona

We’ve had the pleasure of being a customer, as well as an owner under Arizona Vacation Home Rentals. We’ve had amazing experiences on both ends. When we decided to purchase our home in Arizona there was no question that we would be reaching out to them to represent our home. We couldn’t be happier with our decision. The level of service we receive from the team is exceptional. It feels more like a partnership with the amount of professional input and attention to detail to get. We also have peace of mind knowing our home is well cared for and the guests staying there are as well! The entire AVHR team is a pleasure to work with.

By: Ken and Karissa - Washington

AZ Vacation Home Rentals have done a phenomenal job managing our home. We interviewed several groups prior to making a decision, and are grateful for the choice we made. They are first in class. They pay attention to details, communicate extremely well with guests and with us. They act as owners and have great stewardship for our home. They are also sensitive to HOA compliance and quick to correct things. I sleep well at night knowing they are watching over our vacation home. I highly recommend them with no reservations.

By: Clay A. - Idaho
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