Owner Comments


Arizona Vacation Home Rentals has been advertising our properties since 2011. From the very first month we knew and trusted that Arizona Vacation Home Rentals would handle our properties professionally so we began to look for addition properties to purchase. Arizona Vacation Home Rentals offered excellent advice on property locations and amenities that would ensure high value rentals. We now have 3 properties and have never had to worry about any issues with our properties. Arizona Vacation Home Rentals is very proactive and makes sure that our properties are always in 5-star rental shape so we receive great 5 star reviews. Our properties are rarely vacant and advertising on Arizona Vacation Home Rentals’ site has ensured that we maximize our rental income year after year.

Arizona Vacation Home Rentals furnished all 3 of our properties and did a very professional job at a very reasonable price. This included the property that we stay at and we love the way it is decorated. Whether the properties are being furnished at the start up or items need replacing due to wear and tear Arizona Vacation Home Rentals treats our budget like it is their own and provides very reasonable priced items and services.

Arizona Vacation Home Rentals has excellent service providers, landscapers, handyman and electronics trouble shooters to ensure that any issues that arise can be dealt with in a prompt and professional manner. We would definitely recommend Arizona Vacation Home Rentals as a full service property rental marketing company that can maximize your profits and provide peace of mind.

Keith, British Columbia
October 2012


Arizona Vacation Home Rentals has been marketing our properties in Arizona since the end of 2013. They were able to give us good information related to vacation rental, nicely furnish and decorate two of our properties in a short time for a good or reasonable price. Our homes rented very quickly and continuously get good rental amounts for us. They provide good service to our guests, and keep our properties in good condition at all times. We are very thankful for them helping us to get more rental income to make our investment of these Arizona properties much better than the last ten years.

Paul and staff are gifted in doing vacation rentals. They are very nice people with many talents and high integrity. They have a team of people who do great work. If we buy more properties in Arizona later that are suitable for vacation rental, we will not hesitate to let Arizona Vacation Home Rentals advertise them all for us. They are a great blessing to us, hope they will be a great blessing to you too.

Swee Kv, Minnesota
May 2017


In January 2012, we purchased a two-bedroom condo in Mesa with the intention of turning it into a vacation rental. The closing date was January 18 and the condo was completely furnished and rented by the end of the month.

The Arizona Vacation Home Rentals team was at the condo during the inspection and was able to inform us of some issues that needed attention. The sale finalized once the hot water tank was replaced and new GFCI plugs were installed. They advised us of the cost to furnish the two-bedroom condo as well as the time it would take to make it ready for vacation rental. They sent us a spreadsheet list of necessary items needed to make it a fully equipped vacation rental including the estimated costs and how and where the items would be acquired. The condo required all furniture, linens, small appliances, electronics, stainless steel kitchen appliances (fridge, stove, dishwasher, and microwave), cook/serve/dinner ware and cutlery. The furnishings were acquired through Craig’s List, garage sales and, when necessary, purchased new. They were able to do some final repairs and maintenance within the condo as well as outside. The repairs included raising the kitchen cupboard above the stove to accommodate a new combination microwave/exhaust fan, some minor plumbing repairs, some yard clean up and landscaping.

The Arizona Vacation Home Rentals team kept in close contact during the process via email or over the phone. They knew my design tastes and furnished accordingly. Not only was the job completed in the time estimated but the costs were as anticipated. The whole experience was extremely positive and stress free. I have absolute faith in their abilities to carry out this type of set up for anyone wishing to furnish their home as a vacation rental property. There is no doubt in my mind that I would do this again should we purchase another property to rent and I would definitely have the Arizona Vacation Home Rentals team coordinate the details etc. I would highly recommend them to anyone with the same intentions. We trust them completely and are extremely pleased with the results.

Debbie, British Columbia
July 2016


We have three vacation rental properties in Arizona and we have had Arizona Vacation Home Rentals market our properties since 2012. Were it not for the Arizona Vacation Home Rentals team our rental properties would not be as successful as they are now. We both have full time jobs so having them available to answer any inquiries quickly gives us an edge on those who are unable to respond to inquiries immediately. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who would like to be successful in short term vacation rentals in Arizona.

Glyn, British Columbia
April 2013


I have friends who’ve invested in vacation rentals in the Mesa, Arizona area. They say it’s THE BEST way to own rental property, far better than owning a long term rental with all the headaches. Some used traditional methods to market their properties with less than satisfactory results. Several used Arizona Vacation Home Rentals to advertise their properties. They were very happy. So that’s who I picked for my first investment property.

Elizabeth,  Arizona
March 2013