High quality guest experiences in a vacation or short term rental (STR) property are critical to maximizing an owner’s earnings. At the least, properties need to be safe, well-maintained, appealing and compliant with local regulations and laws.
Self management is both extensive and time-consuming. A better choice may be to choose a local and professional full service management team such as Arizona Vacation Home Rentals to ensure your STR is all around high performing.



What services does Arizona Vacation Home Rentals, a full service property management company, provide?


  • Guidance with choosing a home and location that will appeal to vacation and business travelers.
  • An assessment of currently owned property for earning potential as STR.
  • A list of furniture and items to stock so guests have everything they need to be comfortable, enjoy their stay and post 5 STAR reviews.
  • Recommendations for amenities or upgrades that would increase bookings.
  • A professionally written and descriptive listing with professional and eye catching photos.
  • Property marketing on multiple channels and websites such as Arizona Vacation Home Rentals and Vrbo to make a property highly visible and appealing to guests.
  • Management of reservations which includes receiving and processing reservations, guest screening, cancellations and special requests.
  • Oversight of the reservation calendar to avoid double booking.
  • Ongoing communication with guests before and after they arrive to ensure reservation processes are smooth, questions are answered and emergencies/issues are addressed quickly.
  • Check-in of guests using a contactless form of entry and making certain guests are able to access the property and all is well.
  • Monitoring of noise and guest behaviors to avoid community or legal issues.
  • Check-out of guests and post check-out procedures.
  • Coordination of cleaning practices: linens and dishes are washed and put away, home is restocked, repairs are made and requests are addressed.
  • Management of guest reviews and replies to guests’ reviews.
  • Frequent security checks to protect your investment.
  • Recommendations for local services and supervision of maintenance, repairs and upgrades, e.g. pool cleaning and landscaping.
  • Revenue analysis to maximize profits.
  • Using a dynamic pricing approach to increase bookings and revenue.
  • Administration of owner payment.
  • Record keeping that supports taxes and other payments.



Arizona Vacation Home Rentals manages STRs in the greater Phoenix area and mountains to the north. There is great advantage to choosing a local company:
  • We know the local area and market.
  • We are nearby to quickly address emergencies and problems.
  • To maintain security, we frequently check on our properties.


For additional information on why local is best read Top Ten Reasons for Choosing A Local Property Management Company.




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