A recent and popular trend with business travelers as well as families on the go is to stay in a vacation rental home instead of a hotel. If you haven’t explored renting a home in place of reserving a hotel room, keep reading…


Four Advantages to Vacation Rental Homes


1. Space and Well-being

It’s about space (lots more) and convenience:

  • You can spread out and make yourself at home.
  • There is more privacy for sleeping, working and all other activities.
  • Everyone isn’t sharing one bathroom or one bedroom or one TV.
  • You can have fresh brewed coffee (in a Keurig no less) at any time and in your pajamas (one of my favorite reasons).
  • There are multiple televisions to match your viewing preferences.
  • Some homes have garages to protect your vehicles, golf clubs, bikes and other gear.
  • Homes are self-contained meaning everything you need except food, paper products and personal items are provided.
  • Spaces are safer if you want to quarantine.
  • Homes give you the space you need for a staycation.



2. Cost Effective

Hotels cost more than rental homes:

  • Multiple families, couples or corporate executives can save by sharing a home.
  • You can eat healthier and save money by preparing meals in the home.
  • Parking is free.
  • You can avoid baggage fees by packing less because your laundry can be done in the home.
  • There are no hidden costs for the internet, pool towels, laundry, parking or more than one bed.



3. Comfort and Flexibility

Vacation rentals offer more flexibility and benefits:

  • Homes are usually cleaner, safer and in quieter neighborhoods than hotels.
  • Versatile booking options include length of stay as well as early arrivals and late departures.
  • You can choose from a variety of amenities such as private pools, spas, putting greens, fire pits and games
  • You’re not expected to share the amenities or elevators, lobbies, etc. with strangers.
  • You can mix with the locals and discover the community’s hidden jewels such as the best restaurants, bars, museums and hiking trails.
  • Homes offer a variety of floor plans and may be well suited for business meetings or team building conferences.
  • You can work and play at the same location if you choose a home with a ping-pong or pool table, bikes, kayaks, nearby trails or a swimming pool.


4. Safety

Vacation homes are safer:

  • Vacation rental properties offer you a self contained home so you can avoid crowds and public spaces.
  • Check-in and check-out are contact-less.
  • Meals can be prepared and served at the home.
  • All of our homes have laundry rooms with washers and dryers so you can avoid public laundromats.
  • Remote work, school and play can all be conducted at one place.
  • Rental homes have amenities such as pools, hot tubs and putting greens that are not shared with strangers.


Vacation rental homes are literally everywhere. Once you’ve determined your destination you can find the ideal home by locating a local Online Travel Agency (OTA) such as Arizona Vacation Home Rentals, searching the homes on their websites and contacting the property managers. Booking directly with OTAs and avoiding the large vacation rental markets is a HUGE money saver!


Arizona Vacation Home Rentals offers a wide variety of rental properties in the Greater Phoenix Area. Our local team will personalize your experience and make you glad you decided to rent one of our homes!


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