The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believes COVID-19 is primarily spread through person to person contact. Specifically, that is defined as a healthy person having close personal contact with a person with COVID 19. Social distancing is recommended to avoid virus contamination in this way. Handwashing is recommended to reduce virus transmission.


Safety is a Priority

With all this information in mind, what is Arizona Vacation Home Rentals doing to keep their guests safe and healthy?

  • First and foremost, we are staying up to date on the newest information the CDC releases so we can follow all cleaning guidelines and implement all recommended measures for keeping people healthy.
  • All of our homes are stand alone domiciles with no shared amenities other than those with community amenities such as pools and hot tubs which guests can choose to avoid (see information from CDC concerning pools and hot tubs below).
  • Our homes have contact-less check in and check-out. All homes also have private entrances and do not share hallways or other points of access.
  • Check-out directions are provided and enable you to depart without any person to person contact with our staff.
  • When possible, homes are left vacant for three days after check-out and no one is allowed inside. According to CDC guidelines, the virus is not able to survive on any surface after three days.
  • When possible, homes are cleaned three days prior to guest check-in and no one is allowed back into the home before the guest arrives.
  • When the schedule doesn’t allow for at least 3 days between guests, we take extra precautions by disinfecting with CDC recommended products before and after cleaning the home.
  • All products used to stock a home, such as paper products, are purchased and left undisturbed for a minimum of three days prior to stocking the home.
  • All homes, regardless of how much time there is between guests, are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. All surfaces, door handles, TV remotes and other high use surfaces and areas are double wiped with anti microbiological wipes per CDC guidelines.
  • All linens are changed, washed in warm water and dried thoroughly before being added back to kitchens and bedrooms.
  • Our cleaners and team members are paid by the hour and have been instructed to spend at least 50% more time at a home to assure all areas are cleaned and disinfected.
  • According to the CDC, there is no evidence the virus can be spread through drinking water or using pools or hot tubs. To err on the side of caution, our cleaners are taking extra time to clean the surfaces around our pools and hot tubs.
  • Our cleaning teams have been told if they feel unwell they should not report to work. There have been no reported cases of the virus among our teams or any of our suppliers to date.



Please Do Your Part

What can our guests do to support safe and healthy vacation practices?

  • Wash your hands with soap and water frequently and especially after visiting stores, restaurants or facilities that serve large numbers of people. According to the CDC, washing hands is the best way to avoid contracting the disease.
  • Keep your vacation home clean by wiping down counters, vanities and table tops and washing dishes in the dishwasher.
  • Follow the social interaction guidelines recommended or required by the state of Arizona and Maricopa County.
  • Please contact us if you feel you were at risk of exposure during your trip. We can help you plus we will take the necessary precautions to protect future guests and our employees.

If you read our reviews you will know that even before the introduction of COVID 19, Arizona Vacation Home Rentals provided exceptionally clean vacation homes. Under the current situation we have more than doubled our efforts to safeguard our homes and protect our guests. You can expect us to continue to go above and beyond to ensure all guests have safe and happy vacations in our homes.


Why Vacation Homes are Safe

Self contained homes allow you to stay at one place and avoid crowds or common areas with strangers. Our kitchens are completely stocked with tools and appliances so you can make healthy meals and dine at home. All of our homes have washers and dryers and are stocked with detergent so you have no need to visit a laundry mat. Vacations and staycations in rental homes are the newest trend in travel because they offer the safest way to maintain a safe distance from strangers yet enjoy resort amenities with your family and friends.

We are excited to host you! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or special requests.


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