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Truth or Consequences in Vacation Home Rentals

Behind the Scenes A friend who has a rental home along the coast tells the following true story… Her home had a $500 security deposit collected with reservation fees. A guest swiped two pillow shams from a queen bed in the home and then contacted the owner when the return of her security deposit was denied. The owner first asked why she had taken the shams to which the guest...

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Navigating Stars: Rating Vacation Rental Homes

  Connecting the Stars The Internet has transformed many industries including, of course, the travel industry. A consequence of the Internet’s revolution is that online travel companies depend on guest feedback to determine their ratings. Although these ratings are not standardized, most are done in the form of stars, diamonds or rosettes. Even before the Internet was widely available and customer feedback was solicited and public, hotels were rated in...

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Home Sweet Home:  How Vacation Rental Homes Outperform Hotels

A recent and popular trend with business travelers as well as families on the go is to stay in a vacation rental home instead of a hotel. If you haven’t explored renting a home in place of reserving a hotel room, keep reading…   Four Advantages to Vacation Rental Homes   1. Space and Well-being It’s about space (lots more) and convenience: You can spread out and make yourself at...

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Wiley Coyotes and Resolute Roadrunners

Some of us spent our earliest years watching Saturday morning cartoons with their host of irresistible animated characters such as Bugs Bunny, Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound. One of my family’s favorites was Road Runner with the zany but somewhat lovable Wile E. Coyote and the marathon racing Road Runner. For those of you who missed these legendary characters, the weekly plot consisted of predictable chase antics in which the unwavering...

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Arizona’s Finer Arts

By providing links to other sites, AVHR does not guarantee, approve, or endorse information or products available on these sites.   You may be surprised to know that for those who seek creative stimulation, the greater Phoenix area offers some very fine art. Yes, we are a desert, but we are alive with color and culture and we offer a myriad of opportunities to nurture your own creative genius.  ...

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Jumpin’ Jack Flash: The Jackrabbits’ Tale

Black-tailed Jackrabbit   Jackrabbits are Not Rabbits That flash of tall, black or white tipped ears you see racing and leaping in the desert may be called a jackrabbit but it’s not a rabbit, it’s a hare. Hares and rabbits are different: hares are usually bigger than rabbits; they have longer hind legs and ears; they prefer living in open areas; and their young are born covered in fur with...

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Making a Splash in the Desert

By providing links to other sites, AVHR does not guarantee, approve, or endorse information or products available on these sites.   Enjoy Water Activities in Our Desert We live in a beautiful arid desert. Many of the vacation homes AVHR rents have pools and hot tubs which provide a private oasis for our guests. It may surprise you to know that we also have public water holes that include lakes and rivers...

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Arizona in Autumn? Absolutely!

By providing links to other sites, AVHR does not guarantee, approve, or endorse information or products available on these sites.   Low Humidity, Delightful Temps If you’re planning a trip in September or October to celebrate autumn don’t rule out south-central Arizona. There’s lots to do if you like sunny and warm days and cooler evenings. According to US Climate Data, south-central Arizona averages 301 sunny days per year. Sandwiched between...

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Choose To Be Happy: Reserving the Right Vacation Home

Where You Stay Matters I’ve traveled worldwide and stayed in eco-lodges, bed & breakfasts, hotels, campgrounds, condos, suites and possibly every combination of “rent someone else’s home via the internet.” Five stars or minus five stars, it’s all been a learning experience. Some vacation rental history like the “mouse house” and the “reappearing frogs in the commode”  make for great story telling (once I’ve recovered). However, stuck in those rental...

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A Wonderland for Shoppers

By providing links to other sites, AVHR does not guarantee, approve, or endorse information or products available on these sites.     Shopping as a Favorite Pastime An Arizona vacation is on your minds. She loves the golf course; he adores shopping. She packs her clubs and golf skirts. He packs walking shoes and not much else because he plans to fill his suitcase with Arizona treasures. Everyone will be happy...

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